the nu-web's only Vampire Webring / For vampires, gothics, blood-lovers, those who appreciate the dark - and anyone who aspires to be.

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This is the VAMPIRE WEBRING, a webring for vampires, vampire-lovers, vamp kids, goths, people who love blood, and anyone interested in aesthetics related to vampires. All are welcome to join, as long as you have a site!

Do you fit into the above? Feel free to join!

This webring is run by Mousecky.


The ring doesn't have many rules, I promise.

1) You've gotta like vampires!
2) Have your own website (NOT a journal/blog/social media page/etc, but free domains/hosts are allowed!)
3) NO bigotry or NSFW

Your website can be hosted anywhere, as long as it's yours.


E-mail me at 49yoppy #, or message me on Discord at poitrine, following this form:

For example:

Copy-paste this code into your HTML where you want your webring to be BEFORE JOINING. Please keep your webring on your index, home, or dedicated webring/links page. If I can't find it easily, you're off the ring.

It'll look something like this:


Gravetown A site run by a massive Jrock lover - for art, shrines, and fanlistings.
By: Mousecky gay little personal page
By: Ziad
teethinvitro Internet space of a nerd into too many things to count.
By: Radio
Batlike A personal page for art, writing and whatever catches my interest
By: Ronan
pinkvampyr Just my cute little personal site!
By: Rosalie Claire
Sleepy Circus My little slice of the web :3
By: Calaban
My Babysitter's A Vampire Fan site hosting behind the scenes pictures, promos, fan graphics and more <3
By: Anakin
Troy Sucks [I need to copypaste the bio if you see this still on the site yell at me]
By: Aiden